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Does anyone shop at
I usually do, but today I got a little irritated. I ordered a reman fuel pump assembly for my dakota, because it has the problem with the safety valve stuck open, so the lines always depressurise. Well, I took off the bed, took out the old pump, put in the new one. Ran fine.

However two problems.

1. The fuel gauge showed no fuel. ( I had a half tank )
2. THE SAME PROBLEM OCCURED WITH THE OPEN SAFETY VALVE!!! I let it set for 20 min, and sure enough, all the fuel had drained, and it cranked for a good 5 seconds b4 starting.

So now i was second guessing myself if the fuel pump really is the problem. I goto napa, buy a new unit, and pray that it works.

Installed it, sure enough, good as new.

It just amazes me how they can so poorly test a reman item. BTW, the brand was "retech", never heard of them.

I call customer service, she cant figure out what im trying to say. I tell her the safety valve is stuck open, and i she says back "the ball is open?". I had to spell it out for her. literally.

AND THEN THEN she says they'll send me an email in a few days and let me know if my exchange has been approved. I'm like, I already bought a new one. I cant afford to be down a week, as my truck is all tore apart. She didnt understand. I'll prob end up disputing the charge with mastercard.

Well sorry about the rant, but this is just another example of stupid people. (including me for buying reman)
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