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The noob who went all in!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by heavyDully, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. heavyDully

    heavyDully Member
    Messages: 66

    Hello, all!!!! First would like to thank the vets and those alike who have given countless hrs and thread after thread of info.

    Just ETS out of the United States Military, 11B Infantry. Took all my scraps from uncle Sam and decided to try my hand @ being my own boss:salute:

    2008 Chevy 3500HD DULLY 4x4
    new order BOSS 9'2" Poly V XT
    TGS06000 TAILGATE Spreader
    strobs, and a few led lights for kicks.
    want to invest in a stage 2 blower but currently out of budget, thanks to GL insurance smh
    Will post pics on 27th of Dec 2014 , that's the finish installation date.:p

    Com truck/GL 1mill 2mill agg. Full coverage on truck, equipment ect.
    Decided to go LLC. I HAVE UMBRELLA also but haven't done a detailed review on what it all details, I just know from ben/insurance and other threads having to much coverage can't hurt.

    I currently work for a major Chemical giant in Indiana. A Martha Stewart type of situation if you will. He does residential and commercial lawncare and snow removal, well he is dropping all residential accounts on his snow side, any employee that is able to run his own rig independently and gain own insurance can accuire accounts. I already serve most clients as is with currently 350+ on my route. So with the permission of my wife and guidence from the man upstairs I went all in and spent most my pay on gear stated above.

    The owner of my company is letting me train on his rig F250HD 4x4 8' boss straight . Only had 1 event this season , nothing stuck .5/1.5 @ best. Mostly salted, shoveled, felt like a private again. I think that's sums it up... I have 2 commercial sites ( pics to follow sorry guys) liquor store/ Korean market... they have agreed to let me practice on their lots at a discounted price 65.00x2 no salt 2" trigger. But haven't sign contract because I don't want to commit until 27th when the goodies get installed.

    Well I'm heavyDully, very happy to safely learn the in's out' of the biz. I want to start strong but grow slowly in time.
  2. gc3

    gc3 Senior Member
    Messages: 713

    Good luck to ya, welcome to the site. Why did he dump all the residentials? 350 clients is a heck of a lot!
  3. Camden

    Camden PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,604

    Thanks for your service to our country.

    So if I read that correctly, you're already plowing 350+ accounts with one truck? How long does that take?
  4. heavyDully

    heavyDully Member
    Messages: 66

    Your welcome, I volunteered man..

    oh no lol sry. I treat those customers for chemical app. 34 stops a day x 5-6 days.I average 200 customers a week. Out of those customers about 30% use some sort of entity of snow management, 65% use hired lawncare service. As of 2013 the owner phased out lawnmower services on a residential scale, this year it the snow side. Salt/sand driveways walk ways, a few are Hoa clubhouse walk ways, handy cap parkway walkways ect. The routes are in most cases a 1-2 mile radius, same edition in most cases. My company owner is OCD about routing so again I inherent more luck. He advice me to take on 5-10 clients with large size drive ways ( since I went out a got a tank pics coming soon sry). Time x distance x quality of work x customer service . When I treat a lawns it's jump out the truck, talk to customer, complete work Charlie mike..... snow is oobviously a completely different animal. Since I'm new I don't know how long it's going to take, I would assume it will be based on trial error, proper planing. I don't see me pursuing a lot of driveway clients to be honest. Im more into getting these same customers on the residential side for lawn accountservice in the spring summer than I am on the snow side. I figure this season I would mostly do sub with driveways as my go to, my side income.
  5. heavyDully

    heavyDully Member
    Messages: 66

    I would assume cost, to keep employees on during winter. Affordable care act I think hurt him as well.. he didn't come out and blatently say but I think it was insurance
  6. heavyDully

    heavyDully Member
    Messages: 66

    I should clarify.. the 350 customers on my route are broken down in a rotation. Not all of my 350 clients all require snow removal. Those are the number of open clients I am allowed to pursue while still working for this company. So it's kinda lIke soliciting but I already treat their propertys.
  7. pnoone

    pnoone Member
    Messages: 35

    Nice, welcome and good luck. Hope the white gold dumps heavy in Indiana this year. I'm in a similar boat- about to go in on a Ram 2500 and a Boss V. Is that an 8' bed on your 3500? Did you consider a box spreader instead of a tailgate? Just curious as I'm thinking through the best way to go. Also plan to mainly build residential business and pick up some sub work- seems like having a spreader is a must to sub. Nice to meet another new face around here, this forum is an awesome resource!
  8. heavyDully

    heavyDully Member
    Messages: 66

    6' fat back. I went with tailgate because budget is fixed lol . Nice to meet you as well, may the season bring zero down time plenty of the white.
  9. heavyDully

    heavyDully Member
    Messages: 66

    It's HeavyD 3500 Chevy fat back

  10. TKB

    TKB Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    I am considering a hitch mount spreader. I am new as well. I am just finishing up my business plan. I here in wisconsin
  11. heavyDully

    heavyDully Member
    Messages: 66

    :waving:welcome TKB. Yeah being new is very stressful imo. For me it's the mustard seed approach that keeps me going, oh and the almost 25K already vested.... not knowing ect..... but I'm in my 30'S, great support system from wife and children and obviously plowsite.com fourms for guidance. Good luck to you travel safe!!!
  12. TKB

    TKB Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    I want to start out with 10,000.00 and run it my self. Did u plow before u started
  13. dstifel

    dstifel Senior Member
    from Iowa
    Messages: 189

    First problem is that bow tie on your truck. Haha Jm msn great looking truck just going to really know your surrounding with that tank but should be able to handle anything.

    IPLOWSNO PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,620

    Is this where we take bets on what those dually fenders look like in spring???

    Welcome too the site remember sometimes objects aren't always in your mirrors!!
  15. 82k10ny

    82k10ny Junior Member
    from latham
    Messages: 19

    tip on getting a snow blower. go to home depot and check out what they have for "refurbished ariens's blowers. back in dec of 2013 i went to depot and was browsing new blowers (newest i had til now was a 81 ariens 36" with built 5hp briggs" i came across these rebuilt units. got the scoop from a sales guy. any ariens that gets returned with a issue gets sent back to ariens to be repaired, home depot gets the unit back to resell. at this time my local depot was building a repair facility to do this in house to bypass shipping back to manufacture. well this 2013 current model year ariens 1130 platinum series. 11 hp briggs 14.5 ftlbs gross torque. heated grips joy stick shoot control. literrally not a scratch on it. sold orignally for 1600 bucks. owner used it the first storm we had brought it back and said it didnt work right. it got fixed they got it back. i looked it over and notcied a spare shear pin missing from the extra slot on the chute tower. it got sent to ariens because a shear pin broke.... which chances are it prolly wasent actually bolted in and just fell out. anyway long story short i walked out of depot with it for 924 dollars with tax. mind you it was no more than 2 months old and i got it for 700 bucks less than sticker with a full warranty. just throwin it out there as a option to look for. i still like my old 36 incher with a fully built briggs flat head race kart motor. i use that one at my house only, my neighbors dont mind the loud pipe
  16. CowboysLC_DE

    CowboysLC_DE Senior Member
    Messages: 177


    Hopefully a good enough number of the clients want your services and that your dually will be practical on their properties. If you were to get a lot of driveways close together you would be better off with a tractor mounted skid steer or just a couple snowblowers. A nice used Steiner will run you about $5,000 in the off-season, assuming the owner/seller doesn't use it year-round.

    Also, I love my TGS600 so far. I run bag salt in my unit, even a few bags that had soaking wet salt inside from rain/sleet overnight and it spread the product flawlessly.

  17. heavyDully

    heavyDully Member
    Messages: 66

    Thanks, yeah I'm going to be as cautious as possible in theory lol, A: as much as we pay for all the insurance we have I'd hate to see my premiums go up.., B: the fenders are bulky , but I like the class it gives the 3500.
  18. heavyDully

    heavyDully Member
    Messages: 66

    Sweet!! Glad to read your review on the 600. I was going to go with the 800 because my dealer said it can spread sand/salt/mix pretty much anything. Glad to hear it does work!!!

    Yeah she might be not ideal for the cookie cutter drives in my area buy I also live in an up up scale part of Indiana . 1/2 3/4 mile drives, 2.5 car links ect. Part of me wants to get a 3-4k back up and put a boss mount so I can switch as needed. But that's more insurance, maintenance or start investing into the spring summer lawn season.

    I've priced some bobcats, case but that's just projection for next season or maybe 2. 10k 15k 30 and up... I'm like ouch, but when I see two skids and a dozer, 2box pushers sitting in the mall parking lot I get dreamy, then inquire word of mouth that it's a 50k-70k account ( Simon mall parking lot ). Based on if they want salt, de-ice liquid, rock salt for lot ect.
  19. heavyDully

    heavyDully Member
    Messages: 66

    Trust It took me almost 4weeks to make this purchase.
    I wanted a diesel F250 crew 4x4 but out of budget,
    same with the 2500HD silvers. I looked as far as Arkansas , I just wasn't moved, then I found heavyD ;)
  20. heavyDully

    heavyDully Member
    Messages: 66

    That's exactly the info I was looking for and thanks seriously.... So many manufacturers , different reviews from diff regions. Do I do paddles, traditional blades, 3 stage , 2...
    The company I work for now use two ariens and from what I hear are the best. Any opinion on TORO? Or cub cadet??

    Now I'm gonna go to Home Depot first thing in the morning, gee thx lol. Hear it is 3:30am and I just keep thinking scratch and dent