The new F250


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Tinley Park, IL
I just bought an 86 F 250 351W with the Dana 50 front and 10.25 full floater rear. It has a Western 8'6" conventional mount plow. That blade can be a handful transporting around on the front. The list of new/replaced items in the thing was about as long as my arm. The vehicle hasn't seen much plowing in the last few seasons. The vehicle had a ton of problems, all of which have been taken care of. It plowed that piddly snowfall season we had last year. The owner falling on hard times (isnt everyone) had to part with the rig. It is a sad thing to have happen to someone but I have my first plow rig of my own! Ya know it dont look half bad with a new earl scheib paintjob! So I called the guy I worked for last year got things setup, now I just need some snow.

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