The Landsculptor (a magazine)

Chuck Smith

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This came up in another thread......

The Landsculptor is a magazine published by The Metropolitan Detroit Landscapers Association (MDLA).

If you are in the Detroit area, you might consider joining.

The magazine is online every month. They have some great articles, all year round. The Issue John Allin is talking about is offline now, as they keep the current month's issue up. This month, they happen to have another of my articles in the issue, and will be publishing yet another of mine next month too.

They don't have back issues online. I might e mail them about that, as they have had some great articles in the past. It's a shame they are not available online. Last winter, they had a great "Snowfighters" series...

You can read the current month's issue of The Lansculptor online at

Look for the link to The Landsculptor in the menu bar at the top of the page.


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