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The joke of the week!!!!!!!

Just when you thought you needed to own a 4x4 to plow snow!I found a site that will get all you plow guys laughing.This site is not a joke,I found it while looking for plows.They are called snazzy plows found at www.bright.net/~snowplow/ It is one of the many plow makers shown in the snow plow home page.I hope this gets you guys a laugh or two. <p>tell me what you think of this plow <br> <br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care

AB Lawn Care

I forgot one more thing about this plow,it's price has been reduced from $419.95 to $349.00.WOW what value!!!!!!!!!!


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Geoff,<p>I think thats GREAT! If all I had to do was my own straight driveway Id get one of these for the family sedan in a heartbeat. Sure beats getting all stanky and whatnot from a snowblower, get out of bed, drive out into the street, back up and remove the plow, and off to the office you go. <p>Bill