The Great snowblower Deboggle?


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Southwest Ohio
I pondered and pontificated over what plow to buy.Thanks to all the help I recieved on plowsite I decided to buy a Boss-v plow with smartlocks.While at the dealer I also purchased a salt spreader a snowez 575 with reese hitch adapter.All great so far and then it came to me how in the world do you get a 70lb snowblower in and out of the truck with 350lbs of salt hanging off the back of the truck.:rolleyes:I Cant be the first bonehead to come accross this problem. Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated. Pray For snow!! Thanks Harvestman


Canton/akron OH
On my pickup I put diamond plate(alum.) bed rails on for when I lift it over the side.It saves the paint. I also dont use a tailate,so you might be able to get it out on the side of the spreader.Or check into a swing away mount for the spreader.


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Just for reference sake, a swing away tailgate spreader is not made to swing away unless empty. When you need to open it the spreader may or may not be empty if you are plowing, salting and snowblowing out of the same truck. Just something I wanted to point out.


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sc & nb
Get 38 lb Toro ccr powerlite I did!

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