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The Great Debate: The differences in Lawn and Snow Software

Discussion in 'Business Fundamentals' started by crewtracker, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. crewtracker

    crewtracker Inactive
    Messages: 29

    A lot of you out there are looking for software that you can use for your Lawn and Snow Business. But as we all know, managing a Lawn Service Business is completely different than managing a Snow Removal Business. Although both businesses are considered to be part of the service industry, they’re practically complete opposites.

    Let’s discuss the lawn side first. Lawn Software for whatever reason attaches everything to a calendar/schedule. For some reason, the first guy/girl who created Lawn Software made it schedule bound and so did every guy/girl/company after that. This could be due to the fact that you know you can plan on mowing a lawn once a week for four months or schedule a certain time to seed it. But as you all know, rain can ruin your lawn services schedule but those single events are easy to cancel. There are a lot of Lawn Software programs on the market ranging in price from inexpensive to expensive. Some of them have modules built into them that force-fit the software to work for snow but it is usually implemented using a scheduling method in one way or another. Lawn Software that is disguised to run for snow makes you schedule everything and does not include a contingency plan. Therefore, you end up doing everything after the event is over. So how does that make your life easier and your business stronger?

    On to the snow side. Unlike lawn, you cannot put snow on a schedule. You never know exactly when the snow will come, how much will come, and if ice will be involved. A good snow software comes from a totally different perspective because snow is an Emergency Management Business. This means that you have to create a plan for each single event on each property instead of a whole season at a time like you do in lawn. The plan becomes the guide for what you will do if and when it snows. But we all know that plans are subject to change. Breakdowns, manpower problems, and other issues can make that plan obsolete very quickly. Software specifically designed for snow has a built in contingency plan as well.

    Comparing Lawn and Snow Software:
    In the Lawn Service you basically charge x number of dollars for a service or a flat rate monthly contract. In the Snow Removal Industry you have almost an unlimited number of combinations for charging each customer. For the most part in lawn, you pay your crews based on how many hours they work; in snow removal, you have as many as 20 different methods of paying a crew. In Lawn Software, you may have 100 different services you provide, in snow removal you may only have 6-10 services you provide. In lawn business immediate emergency type contact isn’t necessary, in snow removal it’s essential! In snow removal you measure your efficiencies every event and you need software that can tell you in real time your strengths and weaknesses so your business can keep up with Mother Nature’s winter storms. Lawn Software is all about the schedule. Snow software is all about the plan with contingencies for when the plan does not go as planned. The requirements are totally different. So the question you have to ask yourself is, “Do you want to run your business one way or another, or the right way?”

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