The big red beast!

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by SlimJim Z71, Mar 6, 2001.

  1. SlimJim Z71

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    Here's some pics of Bruce's new dump:



  2. Red_Rattler

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    that will definatly move some major snow, and salt to boot i also love the parking brake "rock under the rear wheel"
  3. Ben W

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    I like it, how much was that thing?
  4. plowjockey

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    The rock is in case some idiot kid got into the truck and took it out of gear and figured the e-brake out.

    It was reasonable.


    Thanks Tim now it's gonna get the big head. LOL :cool:
  5. 75

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    I LIKE it! And Bruce, your pics got to me A-OK. I think you've got a good truck there.
  6. plowjockey

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    Thanks to my wife for putting up with that prima donna beast during the photo shoot. LOL

  7. Yardworks

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    I like the truck. I only hope that picture was taken last fall before winter. I don't see one indicator that it is winter right now. It almost makes me want to get all my mowers ready.
  8. John Allin

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    Paint the plow... please !!

    Other than that, looks like a nice plowin' rig...
  9. plowjockey

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    Absolutely John!

    Bright Western red as soon as I can get it sandblasted and in the paint shop. It goes without saying that the same will be done with the salt unit out back. It is a decent truck and a lot of fun to joke about but in my realm of business (albeit small) it is an investment and now that I have it my job is to go through it and make it presentable as well as reliable.
    As we've said countless times customer perception of your operation is a large determining factor in going for a contract.


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  10. earth works inc.

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    bruce: when you paint the plow please dont paint it green or blue like some of the ones i have seen around town.

    i have a small sandblaster that hooks up to the compressor. dirty messy job but it works. looks like a beast.

    what if i hook you up with say 20 small driveways in town to backdrag. now wouldnt that be fun. only kidding. i will start looking around huber for a large parking lot.
  11. 75

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    That plow will look real good when it's nice, shiny and red. And to add the "finishing touch", maybe a nice (belting) snow deflector with a stainless clamp plate and stainless bolts & acorn nuts!

    (Just havin' fun with you - in reference to an older thread "snofoil"! Seriously, your point about customer perception is well taken and we see that all the time in the welding trade - same 2 parts, same price, if it's got a nice coat of paint or even just primer the cost doesn't seem to be an issue. Raw steel? Different story.)
  12. Alan

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    Is that a 10' Western Heavyweight on the front? I've got one on my 5500 and hope to hav eit all up and usable by next winter. It was in the game plan for this year but somebody changed the plans on me.
  13. steveair

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    I bet your neighbors love you having that thing parked in your driveway.

    Does that thing have air or hydraulic brakes? Is it diesel or gas? We have a few just like it(a few years newer though) and they are great plow trucks.

    Good luck.

  14. plowjockey

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    No they don't mind too much. I have the plowing contract for the plat so it was on hand for a few days while getting it weighed for liscensing. I got away with it for a short time as an onsite plow. We have a weight limit on residential parking so I rent a spot off site. The deal came together rather quickly so it came to that house for less than a week. I had a job there for hauling away what a tennant had left when they moved out. It is gas (366cid with a 4 and 2 drive train) and has hydraulic brakes. Good old truck with minimal bugs to it and just about ready for full time hard work. Only 11,800 miles orig. It was owned by a school dist. for a long time so it has not had much road use.

  15. Mike Nelson

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    Hey Bruce,
    Great truck to start the waste management bizz! :D
  16. plowjockey

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    Good point since it was "trashed" when I bought it but I'm getting it better all the time. LOL

  17. cat320

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    Nice truck Bruce .How much did it cost? Looks like a real money maker for you.Good luck with it Wish I could find one like that here but only diesel ,auto hard to find at a reasonable price.