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What is the best plow for a 3/4 ton truck?
Western? Meyer? Boss? Ect......

I am leaning twards a Boss. It is priced $200.00 below others in my area ( 8'6" straight blade, contractor blade costs $2799.00 + $200.00 for install)
It also looks like it is built heavy ( blade)
The seller says that Boss is great to work with if their is a problem.

I have owned Western and Meyer in the past.
I had many pump problems with the meyer product...
The Western is a good product, but I bent my mounting bracket on it. Now I see Boss is built better. Maybe I will bend my truck frame now.....

By the way I am new on the site and enjoy all your feedback.
As for snow, we already received over a foot..N. Wisconsin

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The "best" plow is the one that has good support from a local dealer who stocks parts and provides prompt service if there is a problem. That varies by location. We run Sno-Way, not that they are any better than any other brand but the dealer will get up at midnight and meet us at his shop if we need parts or service.


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I agree with you...
In my case the nearest dealer is 30+ miles from me...
Their is no Sno-Way dealer in my area that I know of...
When I purchase A plow I am on my own... What I am saying is that if it breaks with 8-15"inches on the ground I am "stuck". We have to keep working back up units just for this reason..

Does anybody like poly plows? I plow all gravel lots and driveways. They look like they would not last.. I would love to own a plow that I do not have to paint....

Thanks for your input Alan...... npswi


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I have to agree with Alan I also use Sno-Way plows (lexan moldboard) I am very pleased with it but it is only the second season with it. Customer service with Sno Way is execellent

Chuck Smith

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Sno - Way

I don't own any of these myself, but a friend owned one. He hit a 2 x 4 on the butt end, against a curb, and it punched a clean fist sized hole in the moldboard. One call to Snow-Way, and they sent out a new moldboard. No haggling at all.
I might add that it came in a box about 4' long, 10" thick, and 20" wide. It had 3 steel bands around the box. My friend thought they sent the wrong part at first. Then after reading the packaging slip, he found out he had to cut the steel bands <B>carefully</B>, because they folded the moldboard in half, and jammed it in the box.

It sprang into shape once the bands were cut. Wish I was there to see him cut them!

I also talked to another Sno-Way owner, who somehow hit a stump in the snow, and it punched a hole in the lexan. He too got a new moldboard, no haggling. At least you know Sno-Way stands behind their product. I know, plows are for snow, not wood, but we all know the junk that lurks under the snow when you plow. You find the strangest things...


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I agree with Alan, dealer support should be your bigbest factor. I get excellent support from my Diamond dealer, there for when i buy a streight blade 8.5' to 9', i go with diamond, however diamond doesn't make a v-plow or a 10' blade with a trip edge. For those products i go to Fisher, where i would rate the support great, but not quite as good as my Diamond dealer.

There is no way i would buy a boss plow, because the nearest dealer is like more than 100 miles away.

However if you want to know what i think is the best, Fisher and Diamond.



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Just putting on my new 9.2 Boss Poly now.

8.5 is stronger and more trouble-free, IMO. But certainly not more productive!


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Poly moldboards will last fine,its the back frmae that you have to worry about. I have seen many meyer supposrt frames that cracked from the added stress of not having a welded moldboard to strengthen it.
I too agree that dealer support is the single most important factor in a plow purchse. And that any v plow is better than a stright plow. And that a bottom trip on a v plow is really needed. But that is MO


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It's my opinion that the V's are more productive and we've only used Boss plows. I've used Western and Myers in the past and they've proved to be nothing but junk. I'm just not a fan of anyone that uses a chain to lift their blades.
We're looking at buying a couple of 9'2"'s; productive as heck! Just keep in mind that if your plow breaks down in the middle of the night; where can you get parts and how long will it take to fix it.


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northeastern WI.
i have used my snoway plow for 4 seasons without so much as a problem.... rethought,plow frame weld broke 2seasons ago i welded it and put in some additional supports. my only complaint was the plow frame. they used to light of material. i replaced all of the hoses this year as well..rather do it in my nice warm shop than in the snow at 3am.
you guys say that any v plow is better than a straight blade, good to know cause i was considering a new v plow.

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