That does it...

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Cary, IL
Plows off... burried in the garage. Took my spreader off, lowered my air bags back down to 10psi, and even put my tailgate back on. If that doesn't trigger a storm, I don't know what will...



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Muskegon, Mi
Well, I too took the plow off on Tue. hoping i will get burned and have to put it on again. But on the other side all that remains here are piles of snow. if we dont get anymore snow within a week or two i could be out doing mulch or something.


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Same here,
Have had no need to put the plow on in weeks.
Took the weight out of the bed and took off the light.
If we do get any snow I'll just end up messing up everyones yards unless they have paved drives. My lawn is filled with rocks and gravel right now so I might as well get out the rakes and start putting it back where it should be.
All we have is mud....I hate this time of year...
But the calls are starting to come in for lawn care and such.
Thats a plus. : )


Sorry Fellas, We got 2 more inches of fluff yesterday in Omaha. That put us over 40 " for the year. (One storm for JAA)
It was like taking candy from a baby, nice and light nothing broke, go to help pay for the new engine I just put on my sander.

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Dayton, Ohio USA
I just bought an old dump for mulch and such but it has a 10' Western and an under tailgate spreader. I'm going to strip all of that useless stuff off the thing tomorrow. Time to get to work making it ready to handle the hauling and dumping that I bought it for.
About the Western it is an old thing and it measures (in bad need of a new cutting edge) 32". The thing looks big but it is the first one like this I have seen.

Snowless in Dayton, Oh.

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Expanding already, huh?

Hi Bruce - congrats on the "new" truck! What did you get?

As far as your plow goes, I have an old Western brochure I pulled off the shelf and it sounds like what you have is what they called the 'Heavyweight Blade". It was offered in 9' and 10' widths (maybe still is (?)) and by the specs shown here it would have 6 trip springs and a double ribbed quadrant. Blade height lists as 33" so a worn out cutting edge would put it at the 32" you mentioned. They list it as being for 14,000 - 24,000 GVW trucks, I think this brochure dates from the early 1980's.

And Tim, I should mention something: I'm pretty sure you've heard the theory of a butterfly flapping it's wings in Asia causing a hurricane in Cuba? (or something to that effect) Yanking your plow might cause a snowstorm near ME! :D

Greetings from up here in Canada guys,

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Yup, that's a Western HW series. I've got one there that came with my GMC 5500. Mine is in the process of getting worked on so I can put it back to work. Was planning to have it up this winter but no such luck. VERY rugged old blade, and very heavy, the moldboard is rolled from 1/4" plate. Mine was manual angle but had all the brackets for the angle cylinders. I got cylinders from CPW and the truck is all valved into the central hydraulics for lift and angle. I doubt it will see snow this year but I will get to try it next yar for sure.

plowjockey Sponsor
Dayton, Ohio USA
Bought an old '80 GMC c70 427cid 25120gvw Single axle dump, 10' Western cable control, you must be right; massive looking blade, looks to be that old. Hydraulics on the back for auger/spinner setup. Just an old beater that can make some money in the summer too. Needs some tlc but it has a strong heart.


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Sounds like a good workhorse. Best of luck with your "expansion"! Do you plan on running it mainly as a spreader unit or put that bigger blade to work on some lots too?