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Got a call last night. Guy identified himself and I thought the name sounded familiar. He wanted me to plow his two local properties in another town. He's in a ski resort north of here and will be here tomorrow. He says absolutely no hurry as they're both vacant, whenever I get to them and wants to have me put them on my list for the rest of this year and next. Just get him enough room to park tomorrow, then finish up whenever. Went and checked them out. He wasn't all that concerned with cost, just wanted them done. Since this is about 12 miles away and there are plenty of trucks with plows around, I asked how he got referred to me. Found me on the Internet and the only place I'm listed is Chuck's Snowplowing Contractor's page.

Went over and plowed them today. Also, going to use this as a base for expansion.

I asked around and figured out whose "mansion" it is. Let's say I'm not worried about getting paid.

Thanks, Chuck.:waving: :waving:

Mike 97 SS

Whos mansion?? We all want to know. :D Im thankful for this site too but for other reasons. I love coming here and reading the posts, answer peoples questions if i can, and its a great site with a great bunch of guys, i know ive said this before, but whats once more? I never thought there were so many other guys out there that had such an interest in trucks and snowplows like me, well since i found this site i now know its not only me. Thanks alot Chuck and everyone else who makes this site what it is. It is well appreciated by me and im sure by everyone else too. Keep up the excellent work. :drinkup: Mike

Chuck Smith

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I'm glad you got the account Mick. Hopefully, just one of the "right" accounts will pay back your $25 investment 10X over.
Where else can you reach so many people for only $25 a year?

Mike, just for clarification, my Directory and Plow Site are 2 distinctly seperate sites. However, I am very glad they are both helping the industry grow as much as they are!


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Somerset, NJ
On this subject, I have posted in the past years about getting hits from my listing on Chuck's site. This season I got 3 calls through Chuck's site. One was too far away, but was a large multi building, multi parking lot, miles of sidewalks type where it turns out my father in law retired from. Huge site, but I wouldn't have been able to secure enough equipment for that far away for this season (contacted me in late November). Another one was in a town one of my subs services, so it would have been perfect for him - 2 driveways & 2 parking lots in a couple of block area. The 3rd was one that is right down the street from another account I do. A large shipping company who is not happy with current provider. Unfortunately he called the afternoon before our first snowfall & I wasn't able to scramble a loader or 2 that fast for there. So he thinks he's stuck with the current provider for this season (multi tenant building) but he is definitely interested in talking about next season, or if the current provider can be kicked out for noncompliance this year, he'll let me know. So those 3 potential contacts are definitely worth the $25.00\year to me. Thanks Chuck.

Mick Veteran
Update - cleared them yesterday and met up with him today. We're discussing procedure when he tells me he has several relatives in this town who also own rental properties who would be interested in talking with me. I "just happened" to have several cards in my pocket to give to them.

Mr Clark, you are monitoring this site, thank you and have them call me :waving: .

Chuck, thanks again and I'm going to be emailing you to update my listing. I'd neglected to let you know of email and other changes.

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