Testing Snow Pusher

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by GeoffD, Jan 29, 2000.

  1. GeoffD

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    On this next storm if it arrives. We will try a 14.5' snow pusher on our loader. If we are able to get the same results as our blade provides we will get the pusher. For right now the pusher is on demo. I can say this much they attach easy enough, probably faster than attaching any snowplow.<p>Geoff
  2. DaveO

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    Geoff,<p>How did the snowpusher work with the heavy snow....could have used it with a SQUEEGEE down here!!<p>Dave
  3. OP

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    The Good Things about the snowpusher<p>Piled snow higher than the blade<br>Moved Snow Quicker than the blade<br>collected snow better than the blade.<p>Bad things<p>Didn't scrape as well as the blade.<br>In the day we used the blade to do the roads in the parking lots. <p>But all and all i am sold.<p>Geoff
  4. francois

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    Hi<br>Here I have a 10 ft blade with 2 ft side panel on my backhoe.<br>So it certainly scrape as well as a blade since it is one.<br>It also move a lot a snow with the sides.<br>I never saw a protech busher but on their website I saw that their side panels are 4 ft long.<br>I'm pretty sure I too can fit some 4 ft on my blade and they are also reversible, so if I need to push the snow on the side, I just flip thems.<br>