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I put 12 volts to the 'A" coil (the small one behing the pump) and it did NOT energize. SO does that mean it is bad?
The coil for the up and down (the one at the "bottem" of the plow did energize so I asume that one is ok. If the A coil is bad will that keep the up and right/left from working?


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wish i could help you, i just had some crazy electrical problems they really piss you off! I have a e47 and to test the A coil which is the lowest I just drop the switch to lower plow and check for magnatism with a wrench, hope this helps you!


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The A coil is the smallest of the three coils, and it has a black wire. All the A coil does is let the plow drop. If you have a bad A coil or valve, or an electrical problem in that function, the blade will not drop.

If the problem is that it won't go up, look for trouble with the B coil (red wire), or valve. If the problem is that it won't angle right look for a problem with the C coil (green wire), or valve.

And as has been suggested to other folks, do a search. These kinds of problems with Meyer units seem so common that there are literally dozens of threads asking very similar questions. Read through some of them and you'll learn about all the other problems you'll run into, and you'll at least be familiar with them when your plow stops working in the middle of some snowy night.

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