Tenco plows, anybody know of them?


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I just looked at a plow that the City of Burlington, VT is selling by sealed bid. This one is made by Tenco, never heard of the brand and have no idea who sells/sold them. This one is 11 ft, power angle straight blade, trip edge with a poly moldboard. It's a bit bigger, and heavier, than I want, but I'm thinking of tossing a $300 bid in on it and see what happens. Like I said, it's a little more plow than I want but I think it could work OK on the front of the 5500. Does anyone know of the brand and have any opinions on them?
Tenco reply


Tenco is a quality plow. Big is right. They are in the large Gledhill, Frink etc class.

I know the people real well. These are hand me down plows that normally make moves from either airports or State highway departments down to cities then to towns and then to private contractors.

They are so well constructed that they last forever and hold up. Obviously the ones at the airports use urethane edges on the plows and by doing this have kept the plows in outstanding condition. Some States also use urethane edges and sometimes come down in good shape.

If you want more information, call me either here at home (on my card) or call me Tuesday at the office and I'll see what I can do for you.


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Alan i have seen these Tenco plows and have always heard good things about them but they are heavy and should out last u or i.Usually they are used by towns or other municipality types

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