Tecumseh Sno King=BOOM


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I am wondering what you gents think. I bought a new toro 8hp snowblower in 1997 (FEB.) It has the Tecumseh Sno King on it. I probably didn't use it more than 15 hours over the past couple years and never commercially. I had a problem with the spark plug threads recently and I spent 35 for a new gasket and head. After installing the head and changing the oil, I didn't start it because I didn't have any gas. Today I filled it up and primed it and started it. Smoke was coming out from somewhere so I shut it off and took all the belt and gear covers off to see if I could find the source. I started it again and let it run after a minute it threw the rod right out of the side of the sleeve. I was on the other side. Did I have a bad engine? Did I screw something up? I just spent 350 for a new motor. I'm waiting to put it in. The warranty on this ran out in Feb 99.

What would you do?


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northeastern WI.
do you have a good relationship with your small engine
dealer? most times the dealer can go to bat for you with the company rep. i have been involved in this situation before and have seen the factory cover the engine replacement but not the labor. good luck

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