Taking on a U-Store it facility


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I hafta start by saying even though I'm a very new member, this site is the best source of plowing information I have ever seen!

In NY state we have U-store it sites that are 2 to 300 ft long with nothing but bay and man doors that you can rent for storage. A very large site like this, (about 2500 units) has fallen into my lap. After looking at the site and talking with the prop. Mngr., it looks pretty strait forward, however this job seems to be coming way to easy. The guys not looking for the low bid, his instructions for piling, and removing seem fair,he provided a to-scale drawing of the hole job, but for some reason I feel like a deer in headlights. If anyone has one of these sites under contract or are familiar with them and can think of anything to beware of, please let me know. Any advise from you senior members would be great


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My first concern, would be if the guy pays in a timely manner. Often that is the reason they are getting a new contractor, they owe another one money for last season. There was a banquet center in my town, who had 5 different guys plow his lot in one season. Locals knew the place went bankrupt, but he still found guys to plow it (not locals), and he beat every one of them.

Secondly, is the pavement in fairly good shape, especially up near the doors? Are any of the doors "loading dock" type doors? That could mean a lot of backdragging. Uneven pavement, could yield poor results from plowing, although a urethane edge would help in that regard.
Does the place want you to apply salt in addition to plowing the lot?

What is the trigger depth for plowing? If it's a 2" trigger, and you get a few storms less than that, then a 6" storm, you will have a hard time getting up all that frozen crust from previous snow falls.

Nothing worse than trying to scrape up hardpack and ice, without the help of de-icers (if the specs don't call for salt).

What will you be plowing the lot with? Pick ups and one ton dumps? How large would the windrows get, while clearing say 6" off the lot?
It could be very time consuming, and costly to you, if the contract is a seasonal price one. Now if you're going to use a pick up with a V plow, and a loader with a Pro Tech sno pusher, the job might not be difficult for you. If it's seasonal, look at the time factor. If it's per push, keep in mind what I said about the trigger depth, and if de-icer is in the specs.

That's all that comes to mind now.

Hope the input helps.



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Thanks Chuck,

The trigger is 2" , he has his own salt spreader, he doesn't want me to do it, all strait doors not much back-dragging at all. I'll be using 2 one tons with V plows and 1 small loader with a pushbox. The loader stays on site per the contract. BUT I was so concerned with the specs I overlooked the most important part : WILL THE GUY PAY !

maybe thats why he's so free with the cashola - he doesn't have it!!!

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