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Dayton. OH
When trying to take off our new poly 8'2" V I am putting the hydraulics in float and then going out to take off the plow. It is on a level concrete surface and the pins are on a bind so bad that I have to beat them out with a mallet, also once I get the pins beat out, the bottom pins that sit in the cradle will not come forward and I have to lift the plow off of the truck one side at a time. I can't believe this is how it was designed, please give some tips Boss.

John DiMartino

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When removing the pins,all you need to do after you flip the levers to off,is toggle the toggle switch until the lift ram starts giving some downpressure,the instant it does,the top pins should instanly pop right out,the headgear can then relax and fall forward.It sounds liek your not using this switch,if not,that explains the pressure on the pins.The plow is getting hung up when trying to back up because the trucks plow frame is mounted to high,remove the 4 bolts on each side,and the back braces if it has them,then drop the mount one hole down,this should fix that.It is supposed to be 15 1/2" from level ground to the top pin holes.I had to drop the frame down on my Dodge ,it was doing the same thing.I feel the boss is the easiest plow to unhook,none of my others are 1/2 as easy.

Randy Scott

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I too would say the beam is too high. This system couldn't get any easier. I added weight to my truck this last snow and it was enough to raise the front of the truck just a hair and the lower pins caught a little. I had to rock it a bit but that was it. I will re-adjust the beam soon to compensate. I would say you just need to get that straightened out with your truck Irrigation. Hats off to BOSS for how easy this system is. People freak when they see how easy and fast these plows unhook.
On a side note though to BOSS, the wings seem to retract a little quickly and violently. Seems like extra wear and tear. I think I will back the springs off a little bit and see. Initially when I installed the plow new it was a little difficult getting the measurement on the spring gap because of all the paint. Otherwise, being my first plow ever, I am happy so far. The scoop of the V is awesome and also plowing through some wet heavy snow we had in the V position was great.

Boss Plows

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There are a couple of things you can do to slow down your wings. In cold weather, they will naturally slow down anyway. But, like you suggested, you can decrease your spring tension. You can also tighten up the packing nut on the angling cylinders to increase the friction on the cylinder rod as it retracts. The BOSS Snowplow


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Keep those wings retracting a little "violently"!! This helps with "shaking" the snow that sticks to the moldboard off! Every once and a while we get those types of snows that just seem to stick like glue! Othertimes it slides right off!

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