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Does anyone have a good set up for taking off their salter? I know most people leave them on all winter but I need the back of my truck this winter for other work.


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A Cat 312 Exevator works pretty well. :)

However you can build what looks like an oversized swing set out of 4X4. Then just get a cheap chain fall, and you will have your V-Box out in 10 mins or less.



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I use a skid steer sometimes and other times I use the chainfall method. In the Winter if I do remove them for some reason they go on my 6 ton trailer so I can back them into the shop and clean them and still be ablt to keep them out of the way.


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I don't have a vee but that sounds like the trick for one of those. As for my tailgate salter on the 4X4 pickup and the under tailgate spreader on the dump truck I bought and inexpensive cherry-picker style engine hoist. The weight is not a problem and when you get them off you can just roll the hoist to where you need it out of the way. I originally bought it after the first attempt at installing my permanent mount (well I actually take it off in the summer) frame and hydraulic unit for my pickup. I took my attention away for just a second and the thing bailed off the truck and knocked me halfway into the garage. Yes I know it was a dumb rookie mistake but I learned from it and the hoist works very well when I don't have an extra hand to help.


Sorry I didn't mean for it to get so long.


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Geoff has the right idea a friend of mine has one like that set up at his house does not have equipment to put on and off and it works very well for him.He just backs under attaches the chain fall and lifts up a little and off he goes but don't forget to unplug it from the truck. Just get some good 4x4 0r 8x8's for your poles and use an I beam on top this way you can move it around from side to side for postioning it if you get the right hardware for the beam. look at www.chdist.com they have every thing that your looking for even the frames.

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