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Tailgate salter?

Discussion in 'Sno-Way Discussion' started by STRONGARM, Nov 24, 2008.


    STRONGARM Senior Member
    Messages: 258

    I have just had a 9cu ft tailgate salter installed, I am wondering what everyone thinks about them . I have always used a tailgate with a metal spinner, this one is plastic. The problem is that I can't here the salt comming out of the spreader. Is there a metal one I can buy from sno-way?

  2. basher

    basher PlowSite Fanatic
    from 19707
    Messages: 8,993

    No they don't sell a steel spinner for the SW9.

    You've got excellent hearing:salute:
  3. jpickett

    jpickett Junior Member
    from ky
    Messages: 23

    Strongarm you need to watch the shaft in that spreader. We have three and have had major problems with that coated shaft rusting and locking up the spreader causing hundreds in repairs. The local dealer gave us some chincy poly bearing to replace the origional bearing. I highly recomend you finding someone that will make you a solid stainless shaft like the old optiflows had. After we did this swap the spreaders are great. One the hearing the salt. We installed small 2" x 2" squares of stainless to the back side of the spreader. This is mounted loosly on screws so that the salt will ping when it hits it.