Synthetic oil

2 shot

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Anoka , Mn.
Do any of you use synthetic tranny fluid in the trannys of your
plow trucks and if so do they run cooler. The reason I ask is they want 250.00 to 300.00 to convert from regular to
synthetic at the local "lube" shop

Alan Addict
They're trying a rip off on ya

2 Shot, they're working a scam on ya. There is nothing that has to be done to "convert" from conventional to synthetic lubricants. Synthetics are compatible with standard lubricants. If you swap fluids with a filter change you will have about half synthetic in there. Next time you do it and use synthetic you will be around 3/4 synthetic, etc. What are they doing for that much money? I'm an Amsoil dealer, I use synthetics in my stuff. It works, it's not that it necessarily runs cooler, but the synthetic fluid can tolerate more heat before it starts to break down and lose lubricating and cleaning properties. I would definately switch over, but I'd also find a shop that will do it without boning you quite so bad for the service.

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