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    I didn’t even know this thread existed until today, 2800 replies is too much reading for me, but I’ve been skimming through this thread all day. Seems like everyone is using inverted blowers.

    I’ve been using my old 1500 Silverado as a plow truck for the past couple of years and putting my ariens blower in the back. While that setup worked well for us I know it’s not as efficient as a tractor setup. My buddy runs a business in town and has tractors as well, he’s been in the snow game a lot longer than I have and has been a huge help with our decision on jumping into the residential tractor/blower service. Super excited to say that truck is now for sale and we just purchased a new kubota B2650 with loader and 6’ straight blade on the front as we still have some longer laneways to take care of and a 64” rear blower. I’m thinking about an HLA 6’ straight blade instead of the kubota blade as they are roughly the same price, but the dealer said HLA is about 6-8 weeks out right now.

    The dealer said they would loan me a box pusher for the front until the blade came in. Not sure what to do there...any thoughts? I like that the HLA has more of a curve to the blade for better snow rolling and the kubota blade looks to be more of a vertical blade.

    I had the option to get an inverted blower for the tractor. I wasn’t aware they were made for this small of a tractor, but my dealer says they do. I was originally thinking of a B3350 as the rear PTO has about another 9hp over the B2650, but I was advised against it by my buddy and the dealer as it has the DEF and they have cold starting problems and supposedly don’t like to heat the cab very well.

    I’m completely new to tractors so any advice is much appreciated!
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    9hp would be 35% more power. That is a significant amount of power you will be missing. With snowblowers the more the better.

    If you're serious about residential snowblowing and decide to go to an inverted I recommend getting a much larger tractor. If you read most of this thread you'll notice that 85-100hp is an adequate range.

    And you mentioned laneways? And inverted can do that too depending on the length of road. No plow needed.
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    I wanted the 3350 no doubt for that increase in HP forsure, but even the dealer told me to stay away from them because they’re having heat issues.

    I’d love a big tractor with more HP and eventually I’ll get there...but we all start somewhere right?
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    If you can start off with the right equipment you’re probably better oof not starting.
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    This will be my third season with inverted blowers and I wish I could have bought them years ago. Our tractors have quite a bit of travel time and still manage to knock out around 130 drives each in about 6-7 hours. Looking at where you live the drives look straight, short and packed together. I would kill for density like that.
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    Your town might be small but getting a inverted blower route would be like shooting fish in a barrel. I would be making plans for next year.

    Fergus Ontario.PNG
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    I will eventually get there, I need to be a bit more versatile right now as I have some longer laneways that I need the front blade for. Until I can get more smaller driveways this is the setup I need right now.
    Our town is dense but there’s a few bigger players with bigger setups that have been doing it for years...they have a lot of the work. There’s also a ton of competition in my area. I plan on pricing very aggressively next year though.

    There is a company close by that makes inverted 5’ inverted blowers for 20hp tractors. This is something I will look into once I gain more clients.
    We also do a lot of landscaping in the summer so we felt like we can possibly use the bucket and forks on some of our jobs. Most jobs we use skidsteers and excavators, but if we can put the tractor to use on a few jobs we think it might help.

    anyways, I’ll post a picture or 2 next week when we pick it up.