Switching from trucks to heavy equip.

I haven't been getting the percentage back on bids I've been doing. I've been told my pricing is slightly high(is where I want, I have new equip. to pay for). Biggest competion seems to be in lots on high end of trucks capacity(1+ acre lots). I'm thinking of adding backhoes/or loader with 10'-12' pushers, use trucks to cut in the drive these site to site. This should give me more efficienty to allow me to drop my prices. Is my thinking correct. How much I understand will very on each lot, in general how much & what you guys think.


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I tell ya no one cares about your equipment payments I know that's just how it is.If there is a guy with mega equipment in your area he will use it to keep his stuff moving. I would not go out and buy equipment to do just plowing unless it will be a really your only business.Plus if there is some one willing to do it for less let them ,I had a job that I bid on it was 2 commercial buildings very sizable jobs and when we gave the price the managers said that he could get some one to do it for $120 when we are charging $450 for it.No it was a 2 truck site that needed sanding and would need snow removal to at some point.So I said if the other guy wants to work for free let him .Alot of time if guys are in an industrial park they will do them cheaper and stay in one area and make for it with volume.

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its tough, i too have be told my prices are high, but hey you get what you pay for.you want a cheap job, go with the guys with the cheap prices. as for leasing equipment i would say just make sure you can afford it if it does'nt snow. i've seen a lot of guys buy everything (or should i say sign) and in no time, be out of business.

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