Sweepster "Snow Eliminator" Brooms


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Anyone that involved in Airfield clearing ( I know there are a couple of us) and use something like the Sweepster snow eliminator system (broom and rear air blasts)

Does anyone use Casette broom cores? Its the one where you change one section on each side instead of 200 broom cores and spacers :(

We're looking into them, they are made in sweeden by a company there, but we can't seem to find any good info on the company or product, if anyone can help out, please let me know. Thanks!


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I have seen the system you are talking about but do not have any experience with it.

We have two older snowblasts units with the cores and spacer units. They are late 60's models with the giant shoots that come off the back on each side for blowing.

We have a complete set of brushes for them, but have never changed them yet, and don't plan too. The machines are basically useless for snow removal.

If I were you, I would talk the AF into sending you to the snow symposium in Buffalo, NY this year. There you will find a wealth of knowledge and connections that will last a life time.

I remember seeing pictures of one airport there that set up a 'broom changing' station in their shop. They built a catwalk on one side of the shop out of wood that was about 18 feet of the floor. They were using the newer type brooms that you are interested in. They could stand the broom on end (after disconneting it from the machine of course) and then drop the new 'broom cartridges' in place. Was a neat idea.

Again, I would strongley suggest getting involved with AAAE (www.airportnet.org) and getting to the snow symposium here in the US. You would get a lot of useful info to those "hard to find answer questions"

Dates for the symposium are April 22-25 in Buffalo. contact number is Robert Novak, 716-630-6132


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