Sweeper or blower

Discussion in 'Residential Snow Removal' started by -jr-, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. -jr-

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    I have a long driveway about 75 X 16 wide
    can i use a sweeper to clean the snow off or should i get a blower .
    I have never used a sweeper
  2. Mick

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    I'd say get the right tool for the job - a plow. Not sure what type blower you mean, but you could get away with a good snowblower. It just pretty miserable when you're dealing with the mess like we got yesterday - wet, heavy snow, followed immediately by sleet and freezing rain.
  3. RipT

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    I would guess most of your snow up in Alberta is the dry-power type. That driveway is not all that big.

    If you seldom get over 6" at a time, I would look at a 5 1/2 HP single-stage blower. If you get more than that, I would look at a larger two-stage 8 to 10 HP machine.

    Not sure what type sweeper you are refering to, but a rotary brush-type will clear dry snow up to 4-5", but usually is not a stand-alone machine. A walk-behind snow blower should be your best bet.

    Dress warm! Should not take too long with the right machine. See what your neighbors use and talk with them.