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Got an extra leaf on each side put on the front of my 80 shortbed 4x4 to mount my plow on it, & added a 3" lift (blocks) to the back to make it level.
Problem. the leafs up front only gave me 2-2.5" of lift, & the back end sticks up in the air noticeably. I need about 1" more in the front. I like a level truck!
I know blocks in the front axle is a no-no, but I've already spent $170 on the front, & they said to add another leaf my not give it enough hgt., not to mention a neck-jerking ride quality.
I've looked into helper springs, coil additions, coil over springs (were told they won't do much of anything for lift hgt.), etc.
Anyone have any suggestions? I'm trying to keep expenses to a minimum; anyone know what else I can add? What about installing a 3/4 ton leaf setup in the front? Thanks for the input.

Chuck Smith

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Somewhat simple. Replace the rear 3" blocks, with 2" or 2.5" blocks. You could remove the blocks from the rear and have them machined down a little too. Either that, or remove the blocks, and use the same add-a-leaf on the rear.



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Put 3/4 ton front springs on my 75 1/2 ton and gained a good couple inches. Along with your add-on leaf springs that might get you level. My truck has a 3 inch body lift with 35 inch BFG's and stock suspension otherwise. I have plent of clearance and the ride isn't bad at all.

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