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snow Veteran
Just got a flyer in the mail today, the New York State DOT is having a surplus auction wednesday april 25 at 9am. They have some ford 1 ton crew cabs, a chevy 1 ton crew cab, some other misc. p/u's, international crew cabs, some with plows, 2 ton dumps, some with plows and some old non working 5 ton macks and other vehicles. Just wanted to let everyone know about it. Some of the vehicles had no problems listed, wonder how much they'll sell for.

Just wanted to let everyone know,


GeoffD Veteran
Depends on they year:

1 tons 4K to 9K
Pick ups, 2K to 6K

other stuff depends on who wants it and how much they want to spend.

IMO most of the stuff is tired Iron.


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