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I had to replace my manual hubs and superwinch's were all I could find.I have a H.D. Dana 44,The spicer hubs that were on it were twice the size and looked to be twice as Beefy.Has anyone used superwinch hubs? Are they strong? Will they last? They are all metal,compared to the plastic dial's on the old ones and almost all others I looked at.But they are so tiny.

mike reeh

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I have superwinch hubs on my 8lug dana 44, look good, work good, no problems to date.. all in all Id buy em again (even though I didnt buy these particular ones)



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As far as hubs go, I personally prefer M&M hubs. I have had problems with other brands getting EXTREMELY hot and failing rather quickly. To date, I haven't had a single problem with M&M hubs and I have been running them for quite some time now.

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