Superduty 5.4 2nd battery cont.

3- mount new battery box to existing holes

4- Remove air cleaner hose fron rear to injector

5- Cut origional air-cleaner mount using about a 2" wide piece with fe-male receptrors and bolt to battery box bottom. Make sure air cleaner fits between battery box and radiator.

6-Make a strap mount for front snorkel, where air cleaner goes through core support, 90 degree bent piece of 3/4 wide x about 6" long to origional bolt hole and a hose clamp.

7-Cut air cleaner rear hose about 3" will do

8-Make splice tube for rear air cleaner hose a muffler shop expaneded 3" stainless to fit nicely, about 2 1/2" long and 2 hose clamps, install

8- Go to local auto supply house make cables and install

9- I used a slightly smaller battery to gain air cleaner clearence and a GM battery hold down

10-The Auto Electric store told me they could make my alternator put out about 180 amps from 130 amps using existing alt.

11- Happy Plowing

Jerre Heyer

Senior Member
Erie, PA
Skip the extra battery. Just go with the 180 amp full output alt. and the larger cable from the alt to the battery.

I like the Idea for the extra battery location mounting but have had good luck with the bigger alt on all of the Super Duty's


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