Superduties Battery cable problems

If you have a 99-02 superduty it probably would be a good idea to check your battery terminals.
Today I went to unhook my Boss from my 2001 F350 PSD, when I lowered the lift tower the plow motor died and my parking lights came on, my turn signals and four ways wouldn't work, and the plow was dead. The power light, on the on/off switch, on the joystick stayed on in both the on and off position. If I unplugged the plow everything went back to normal on the truck. I thought it had to be the plows electronics that were goofed up.
So I checked the fuses, all was good.
Called my boss dealer who had me check the battery cables which turn out to be loose, all four. (dual batteries) I could lift them off with little trouble by hand.
The dealer told me that they have been having this problem with the superduties. He said the new ones (03) have been changed to a different type and won't do this.
Thank the good lord it happened after the storm.
Let me know if anyone else finds this problem.


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