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Sunday Night And Monday

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by PLOWMAN45, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. PLOWMAN45

    PLOWMAN45 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,951

  2. moose__72

    moose__72 Junior Member
    Messages: 11

    It's about time, it was getting pretty warm for a while there. I almost forgot what the truck looked like! Now if I remember right, the little up arrow on the control does what....... Good luck all.
  3. neversatisfied

    neversatisfied Member
    from ct
    Messages: 73

    Yup so far so good,its cold today and gonna be cold enough tomorrow so i hope it comes like they say.I can use one more good snow!!!!
  4. PlowMan03

    PlowMan03 Senior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 482

    I heard some places could get up to a foot. I hope they are right payup

    PLANET Member
    Messages: 92

    Lets rock baby :gunsfiring: Gotta a new Harley coming next week and baby needs new shoes :nod: payup
  6. zippoz

    zippoz Member
    Messages: 64

    once again it appears that chicago... is getting the shaft. :(

    i would like to go and use my plow but i have some 3" triggers, for the love of god give us some SNOW!
  7. raptorman03

    raptorman03 Senior Member
    Messages: 333

    Same here in Iowa :gunsfiring: :gunsfiring:
  8. jackrusselfire

    jackrusselfire Junior Member
    Messages: 27

    NO SNOW NOW????? :yow!: :cry: Thats not fair. I'm going to ship my plow to Florida. It seems I would have a better chance down there.
  9. QCPride

    QCPride Junior Member
    Messages: 15

    No snow, nada, nothing, zilch. Running out of chances here--it will be April before we know it. :mad:
  10. gt_racer50

    gt_racer50 Senior Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 484

    WINTER IS OVER!!!! unless there is some freak storm or pattern that sets it. This is just like last year, identical. The only thing that aggravates me is all the hype that all the weather guessers put out there for people to absorb. Accuweather is the worst, of course all they are trying to do is sell their premium service. Which for the life of me, why would someone pay money for a premimum inaccurate weather service, they can't get it right for free, why would it change just because you are paying for it? Somthing is wrong in the atmosphere that is causing this to happen year after year. I just wish that some off these experts would tell us what is happening and why, or at least say something is going to happen, but we don't know what. Try The Old Farmers Almanac Forum, at least the guys on there that are trying to forcast will tell you that they don't know for sure and that it is changing hourly, and it's FREE. It's not a Farmers Almanac forcast, these guys are freelancers on the forum.
  11. SnowMatt13

    SnowMatt13 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,559

    Last time I heard is that before it all changes to rain tomorrow the city (Chicago) could get 2-4" Northern subs. by Wis. border 4-6" and north by Milwaukee 6-10" :nod:
  12. JUSTBE

    JUSTBE Member
    Messages: 52

    I have been watching www.noaa.gov and they have been quite accurate this year on the storms on our area. They have been "guessing" 4-6 inches in our area since Friday and it is coming true. purplebou
  13. stumper1620

    stumper1620 Senior Member
    Messages: 222

    snowing like hell here, gonna have to get going in a little bit, they say its going to get to possible 2" an hour this afternoon :redbounce
    i think we are probly close toa n inch an hour now.
  14. Turfmower

    Turfmower Senior Member
    Messages: 376

    We getting 3 to 6 before it turns to rain. I'm going to load up and fuel the trucks in a little bit.
  15. jt5019

    jt5019 Senior Member
    Messages: 853

    Hooking up the plows and and loading the sanders this afternoon.Heard anywhere from 5 to 9 inches for my area :)
  16. johntwist

    johntwist Senior Member
    Messages: 415

    Going out to hook up The Boss now, they're talking up to 7" between 9am and 3pm tomorrow. At peak we may get a few inches per hour :redbounce

    As happy as we are, I bet the car and truck dealers are good and p!ssed
    off about this storm. So much for their big "President's Day" sale events. Same thing happened back in '03, we got 20" on President's Day. I have no sympathy though, it's payback for the times when I was younger and dumber and a few dealers stuck it to me right up to the elbow.

    Nothing like plowing on a holiday, bring it on!
  17. Peopleeater

    Peopleeater Senior Member
    Messages: 249


    too bad noone guessed right. I guess I am gonna put the plow away. At least the weather guys are consistent, consistently wrong!.
    :gunsfiring: weathermen

  18. 129

    129 Junior Member
    Messages: 28

    Hook up time

    Its just starting to snow here in upstate NY. Weather jocks say 3"-6" by Monday AM, 4"-8" by Monday PM. I'm off to work at my full time job, and hopefully I will have the driveway "plow me out calls" in the AM after work! :)
  19. xlr8

    xlr8 Senior Member
    Messages: 107

    Don't get too ready you might scare the storm away as happened last time, weathermen called for 12-18" and we got nothing. :realmad:
  20. jt5019

    jt5019 Senior Member
    Messages: 853

    I think this ones coming it looks like the snow is already pretty close.Now the question is..do we get as much as they predicted.