summer = a/c?


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Lafayette, LA
Hey fellas:
I'm down here in southern Louisiana and its getting to be summer time again. Both my trucks lack a/c they have the controls they just both need a whole new system especially the 82. I dont mind having the fresh air too much either its just sitting in daily traffic....yeash! My question is to anyone else out there running the luxary of a/c is has anyone converted from r-12 to 134a? The only reason I mention this is that if all the a/c components are gonna have to be replaced anyway why not convert it over so that the next time it will be cheaper to fill / fix?


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By all means convert to 134A if you have to replace most everything anyway, especially with the price of R12 being so high. Just do a really good job of sealing everything up. The molecules in the 134A are actually smaller than the ones in R12 so it will leak out easier. I converted my 87 Monte Carlo SS from R12 to 134A using the NAPA conversion kit. Make sure you use the correct kind of oil it does make a difference. The only problem I have is that is has a very slow leak that I have not been able to track down and I have to recharge every spring. But the system cools just as good as it did with the R12.

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