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I need some sort of warning beacon or strobe lights for my truck. It's got an 8x12 dump stake/rack body that sticks up about a foot above the cab. It receives roof shingles stripped and dropped directly from the roof when it's not plowing, so the light needs to be removable or _very_ well armored.

I've considered a regular magnet-mount rotating beacon, but it won't be visible from behind the bed. I've considered two, temporary-mounted on the tops of opposite corners of the bed, but it may be too expensive, plus I'm not sure what sturdy kind of mount I could come up with. I'd like to do something with one of those things that causes your parkings lights to alternate side-to-side flashing, but I'm not sure where to get one, and my taillights are not suitable for it (due to position and design).

I can't be the first to have this issue...what solutions have others come up with?



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check they have all kids of public safety toy's
strobe light's revolving light's you name it they have it
chicago IL
Ok, how much money are you looking to spend? If you 360 degree
warning, and dont want eneything to get smashed, the lights may have to be interior or no where they can get dammaged from
the top. I would say some hide away strobes in the turn signals.
2 oval strobesto the rear and 2 to the side mounted on the dump body. I know you said it had to be cost effective. ORRRR you could
mount a strobe beacon to the dump in the center and get a cage for the strobe beacon! Ill list some sites for you!
I would recommend sirennet or publicworks! Look into the super strobe by whelen!


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Removable Small Light Bar

Have someone fab you up a flat mounting plate that would attach to your cab protector or top board of your stake body, then you could use the magnetic mount light of your choice. Or you could have a removeable bracket made, then you could remove the light and only the mounting pocket would stay on you truck. :rolleyes: John

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