Suggestions for Next Years BBQ

snow Veteran
for those who attended the bbq, while it's still fresh on our minds what would be some suggestions to make next years bbq even better, and easier to find members, etc.

I liked the sign in table when u first got there, and the bags on info, that was a really good idea. The name tags were good, but some people but their first name, and not the plowsite username.

I think in the back, where we were going to have the roundtable discussions, we should have tables for people to sit down and eat, instead of having to walk around with their food. All the plowsite members could eat and bs a little and get to know eachother better.

other suggestions for next bbq?

thelawnguy Addict
Central CT
I would have liked to stay a bit longer. Maybe if it were held over a holiday, i.e., Columbus Day, weekend it would be easier for folks to travel and stick around a bit.

guido Veteran
I think!

Next year, you should make sure there are no war's going on so I can take leave, and you should all pitch in $3 and buy me a ticket back to the states! ;)

Just kidding. I'll meet all you guys sooner or later. If everything goes as planned, I'll be at the SIMA symposium.

From what I heard, everything went great.

Got Grass?

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Western New York
Yeah, User names would be of great help as we dont all go by our co. name. Took me a while to finnaly find someone I knew (Snow and John).

More Tables and chairs would be nice.

Having it on Columbus day weekend would be great for us at a distance. We could make a weekend out of it, possibly take a trip to NYC or where ever.

How about some beer in that cooler (J/K)...

Plan ahead as much as possible for the people that are staying the night and see if we can get a deal on a bunch of rooms at one of the local hotels. I know it was a problem for a few people.


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the idea about the user id's or handles is a definate must for next time.. how about doing it in a field or something so we can demo some of the equipment.. I was itching to take the CAT skid steer for a spin.. LOL or even tryout some of those mowers or what have you.. There is probalby some place nearby or not too far off the thruway that an area could be rented for a day.. We rent out a section of a local park everyyear for our family picinic and it is surprisingly inexpensive.. I dont even think its $100 for the day and can handle 150 people or so.. Just a thought.. I would not mind paying a cover fee or such.. got to pay to get into everyting else anyway...

Maybe have a members truck show too , Give us all an excuse to clean our rigs up .. have trophies sponsered by the manufactures that show up for things like , biggest plow, smallest plow, coolest lettering , or most accesoiries and so on .. WOuld be fun...

Thanks again for a great job ...