Suburban to k20 intercangeability


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Hi again.

Wanted to know if I can use the steering column (with attached wires), door hinges, and wiper motor from a 1987 donor suburban to put on a 1977 truck cab. Anyone know? What kind of wiring problems can I anticipate with the difference in years on the steering column? I gotta replace mine, because it's sloppier than me making love to my ex-wife.

I suppose doors are different sizes.

Thanks again.


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As far as the doors/door hinges go, they should be the same from '73 right up until about '90 or so (whenever GM finally stopped using that body style - it hung on for a couple years on the Suburban/Blazer after the pickups had gone to the "jellybean" style in '88)

I believe the column itself should bolt right in. Wiring may be a different issue, because '77 had the wiper switch on the dash, hi beam switch on the floor while '87 had it all on the column. I don't know if you can plug it right into your existing harness or not (I'd guess the plug may be different)

Wiper motor I'm not sure about. I think the shape of the motor itself (round on '77, fairly flat on '87) is different but the motor bolts on the same.

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