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Subs needed Cuyahoga (Cleveland) (SW)

Discussion in 'Employment' started by vicrattlehead, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. vicrattlehead

    vicrattlehead Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    Need subs and snow blowers in the southwest cleveland area. Insurance and exp a must.Postion could lead to a full time spring position with health benifits and paid vacations. Call Mike for more details 440-666-4735.
  2. KGRlandscapeing

    KGRlandscapeing 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,660

    hey i am southeast of cleveland but if u give more details here ill give u a call
  3. Burkartsplow

    Burkartsplow PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,246

    how much work do you have. im in lakewood, where exactly do you need subs at?
  4. vicrattlehead

    vicrattlehead Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    Westlake, strongsville, broadview hts
  5. fortywinks

    fortywinks Member
    from NE OH
    Messages: 82

    I would be able to help you out in Westlake. I'm in Rocky River. Chevy 2500 with 8'2" V. Will PM you later with contact info.