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Sub's needed (20) for montgomery township nj

Discussion in 'Employment' started by razr777, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. razr777

    razr777 Senior Member
    from JERSEY
    Messages: 102

    Just picked up a contract with Montgomery township too plow their town streets.
    Smooth operation no bs zero tolerance ,we show up when called work start to finish we drive easy do good safe job and get paid period.
    Pay is $85.00 hr which is very reasonable, paid in most cases 15 days but up to 30 days depending on storm consistency.

    Need (20) trucks with at-least 8ft plows with emergency lighting and insurance you can have commercial or your person coverage it is up to you as your the sub. so put in your company name or your name it is up to you.
    Some kinda experience in plowing and your driveway don't count and who can work on their own or bring a buddy with you.

    Truck / plow / equipment need not be junk , needs to be good running driving ope ratable condition.
    Contact me with what you have to offer and info. about you and your work at pyro321@usa.com in subject put TOWN PLOWING with all your contact info. so i can reply and get back to you.

    If all goes well you will be sent info. and sub contract, once filled out your part of the sub team and get a spot as you will be contracted for the whole season so you get guaranteed pay no bsin around.
    We get called as soon as the snow drops which is in most cases 1" of fall or sooner and about 1 hr before or sooner.