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i always feel uneasy about giving a sub a route list ,, although i think there is no other way to be effective and i give out the routes ahead of time , so evertone is familiar with their work

1 i guess thats why we have non compete agreements, etc

2 i suppose this is just the burden of being the owner!


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My thoughts on subcontractors are simply this, without them we would be basically a VERY small time company for this local market. We have two full time employees when it comes to snow removal, myself and my father and our accounts require enough attention that anywhere from 3-6 subs are required for every storm that is a full run (about 1" of snowfall). Our offseason work does not require many pieces of equipment so cost wise it would take years to payoff any piece that is exclusively a "snow only" truck. The sub contractors are the best and fastest way to grow your buisness if you do not have a labor pool to service your accounts. Subs of course present their own set of problems but the fact that they are not employees to me outweighs all the drawbacks. Its been my experience that subs if treated fairly will not try to "steal" your accounts or "slack off" while on the job. Though I did have an interesting experience with a contractor who "lent" me his subs for one storm last year. This past August he called to ask if I would be needing his subs this winter, when I said no (unreliable equipment) he asked if I was going to bid all the properties that they helped me plow, I said yes and then reminded him that the contract he signed prohibited him or any of his subcontractors from bidding my work for a period of 3 years. He was silent for a second and then said "does it really say that?" I told him to read all his contracts carefully :) So to finally answer your question( :rolleyes: )yes I think it is just a burden of ownership.


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The best way to give a sub a route is just address's. Don't give any customer names out. Yes they can take the time and try to figure it all out, but what are they gonna say to the people " I plowed your drive last year for so and so" Most people will say ya so what , as long as they are happy with your service and if they are not it will make your sub look like a fool anyway.


iv been LOWBALLED twice this year by jocks,ya know the 16yr. old w/ the 2001 w/ no accounts just looking for something to do ,i m guessin you gotta start somewhere And if you believe your word and service holds true , you outta see it on a contract, some of these customers are looking for the cheapest rate , not the best service , especially these days.
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