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Subcontracting pay

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Conmancounty, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Conmancounty

    Conmancounty Member
    Messages: 36

    i was wondering if anybody could tell what they are paying there subs. this is my firsy year doing sub work. he is paying a little less that 50.00 hr. any info to see if he is in the ball park would be helpful. thank you in advance.:waving:
  2. Birdturd9726

    Birdturd9726 Junior Member
    Messages: 10

    $60-$90 depending on truck size and plow size
  3. alldayrj

    alldayrj PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,108

    Hundred. Depends where you are though
  4. underESTIMATED

    underESTIMATED Senior Member
    Messages: 188

    If you were more detail orientated, you might be worth more than $50.

    Given the data in your first two posts, it doesn't appear so.

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  5. hedhunter9

    hedhunter9 Senior Member
    Messages: 212

    Lots of Variables.

    $55 an hour to $75 an hour around here.

    Does he supply the Liab. insurance ? The guy I sub for has 2mill. Liab. insurance
    that covers me on his lots..

  6. underESTIMATED

    underESTIMATED Senior Member
    Messages: 188

    With that statement, I hope you aren't relying on his insurance alone? ::facepalm::
  7. DOW

    DOW Junior Member
    from NE ohio
    Messages: 4

    I have one solid season of exp. I plow with a F250 7.5 ft blade. I make 45 per hour in Ne ohio
  8. Spool it up

    Spool it up Senior Member
    Messages: 912

    that 50@hr thought goes away quickly when a hub snaps , plow motor dies, tie rod ,ball joints failure . :eek:

    “The bitterness of high maintenance remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

    dont sell urself short or leave coin on the table . shoot high , let him bang you down . start at a 100.00
  9. Conmancounty

    Conmancounty Member
    Messages: 36

    I have a 3/4 ton x-tendcab Chevy with a vxt 8.2 with no wings.
  10. tenderrich

    tenderrich Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    wouldn't start my truck for $50.00 an hour. If they'll do it forr that,are dependable AND good SIGN THEM up!!

    $65 to $80 an hour ON THE Job
  11. jhenderson9196

    jhenderson9196 Senior Member
    Messages: 615

    I don't understand the around here part of the equation . Trucks, plows and fuel all cost within 10% across the country. Repair parts and supplies, the same. Why such a big difference in pay?
  12. alldayrj

    alldayrj PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,108

    cost of living maybe? maybe they just sell themselves short
  13. Snow Picasso

    Snow Picasso Senior Member
    Messages: 250

    Unless he purchased a separate policy for you.....His liabiilty insurance has nothing to do with you! It only covers his employees not subs & owner operators. You screw up.....ur in deep sh@t! They will come after him and his insurance company will come after you! You better check just to make sure.
  14. DOW

    DOW Junior Member
    from NE ohio
    Messages: 4

    Yea I am even dependable...And getting better .ALso working the bugs out of my equipment. Reliable snow plowing offered me 50 per hour.....if i only new they would give me more than 3 hours a event I may work for them.

    I may just try some door to door knocking looking for driveways.:confused:
  15. Grazzmazter

    Grazzmazter Member
    from midwest
    Messages: 48

    Im 36 and have always had great luck with door to door sales since i was like 8 years old! lol! Once i got a little older and realized a professional business card, a smile and decent looking equipment will get you miles ahead! Good luck! :)
  16. secret_weapon

    secret_weapon Senior Member
    Messages: 437

    Reliable Snowplowing does pay on the low side, but they are a good company to work for. They will take care of you, treat you good and help you get your equipment fixed if it breaks during a storm. I can pretty much guarantee you will get more than 3 hours per event. I know, I worked for them. I'd get called out between 1 and 2am, plow till 7:30am then leave for my regular job. If i was able to be available 24/7, I would have made more $
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2013
  17. crazyboy

    crazyboy Senior Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 370

    Insurance costs are lightyears different across the country, and no one has the same cost of doing business. I'd stay in bed for 50.
  18. snoway63

    snoway63 Senior Member
    Messages: 344

    Dont forget also how much experience you have your not going to get top dollar if your not experienced and just starting out plus reliability and how efficient you are its not just your truck size or plow size
  19. underESTIMATED

    underESTIMATED Senior Member
    Messages: 188

    You can have a brand new 1 ton, new 9.5 v blade and 3 yard spreader...and a 20+ year experience behind it and the highest rate I've found was/is $55.

    That same driver could take a POS $4k truck/plow setup and make the same money with a smaller blade and lighter truck.

    There are alot of differences those two trucks can do between the two, and yet they both pay the same rate. Doesn't make sense to me.

    The truck should yield a rate of $xx and if the driver is experienced enough should add $xx.

    But from what I've been working with, $55 is about all the money around here for on-site time.
  20. secret_weapon

    secret_weapon Senior Member
    Messages: 437

    Sub pay in Northeast Ohio is 45-60 for most. If you can find someone willing to pay more, jump on it. As said before, all the equipment costs doesn't vary that much across the country, it's all about the different locations. People are saying they get $100/hr and wouldn't get out of bed for $50/hr., you are in a different area. I'd like to know who in NEO is paying their subs more than $75/hr.