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Subcontracting in snow help

Discussion in 'Snow & Ice Management Association - SIMA' started by SIMASTAFF, Sep 27, 2010.


    SIMASTAFF Sponsor
    from Midwest
    Messages: 51

    Hi all,
    This is Brian with SIMA, just wanted to remind you all that we have a webinar on Tuesday Oct. 12th at 3 pm EST, called Subcontracting in the Snow Business. Info to be covered includes:

    •Avoiding nightmares in hiring subs
    •Staying legal and avoiding pitfalls
    •Preventing subs from stealing your customers
    •Evaluating advantages and disadvantages of hiring subs
    •Essentials of an air tight contract and insurance requirements
    •Finding and qualifying subcontractors
    •Building effective relationships with subs

    The speaker is a highly experienced snow/landscape contractor who ran his own business for 30 years, and now does speaking and consulting in the industry. Hi name is Ed Laflamme.

    For more info visit http://webinars.sima.org, or email me at Brian@sima.org with questions!

    Brian K. Birch