subcontracting for snow


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I'm a start-up do only lawn and landscape maintenance and dont have insurance or equipment for snow plowing, although I would like to next year. Ive been asked to provide snow plowing this year and another company can do it. what are some things I should be concerned about about the bolling and contracts..I work ft for the other company and will be doing the actual snow work


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All I have ever done is sub-work until this year I have depended upon the main contractor for his insurance but thanks to this site I have learned never take something as inexpensive as liability insurance for granted. It only helps you nobody else. As for billing every contractor that I have "worked" for requires a different form of billing the company that I sub for now just asks to call in and give the hours and I also keep track them myself, the company before required me to invoice and wait for payment.
As for equipment I have a 2000 3/4 Chevy with a Lexan Sno-Way Down Pressure Plow and love it!!
Good Luck!!!

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