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I own and operate a small lawn care business in Michigan. At this time I do not feel that I have the resouces to purchase dependable snow removal equipment. I have had clients that have asked about snow removal.
What I am wondering is what would be involved in subbing out these jobs until I have enough accounts to support equipment payments, insurance etc.
Also as a contractor subbing out this type of work I would like to know the ins and outs of protecting My interest. What do I need to require from the person that I sub the work out to? Is there a contract between contractor and sub? At this point I have no plowing experiance and have never sub contracted any work out
Any Help would be appreicated, Thanks in advance.


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What type of customers are you going to sub out. Large commercial sites, small commercial sites, or just residential.
If its just residential, find someone in another line of work then yourself(ie: roofers, concrete, construction, anyone not related to the greene industry). I say this so that you dont have to worry about them helping themselves to your customer base.
Or find someone you really trust, but that may be a bad idea.
Then just refer the customer to them, not worth the hassle for ten $ 30.00 driveways.
If its larger type accounts, then you will need liabilty ins for yourself and from them. You will need a contract between parties that will outline the parameters of the work and payment scheduales. Also non compete issues will need to be adressed.
Also being that you are all new to this, join SIMA, they have these types of documents available for members.


i would say that its all about the kinds of accounts you have, and their distance between them all. think about it like this- if you pull in just 1 large account- go and get a skid steer loader or similar machine for the season. over here its about 3K for the season. then all you would have to sub out is the sanding. same goes for if you can line up a whole bunch in a neighborhood. i should think that 20 driveways or so in one neighborhood would keep the bills paid and still give you some money. - if you are a landscaper check into your insurance policy- because you may be covered for plowing under that policy. if you are going to sub out- make sure you get an insurance certificate for both liability and w/c


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try starting small with one or two snow blowers. They will do the job if you are talking about residential driveways. You can save the whole sub thing and work your way up to a plow or bigger if you so desire.

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