andy bengtson

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se wisconsin
As a sub how much can I make per hour? I was thinking of getting a 7'6 western straight blade or a 8'2'' v-plow. Will the plow make that much of a difference with pay? I know it will very with snow fall and how much I work.


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Making some phone calls to local contractors will give you the answer you are looking for.

I'd guess you are going to be in the $45-$55 an hour range as a sub in that market. Keep in mind I am no expert and this is a guess for your market based solely on what I know of your snowfall averages; and no other economic factors since those are unknowns to me.

You could have contractors in your market that pay a little better because their reputation for quality commands higher prices. I'd call around and see who offers what. It won't cost anything but a phone call.

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