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Sub Jobs Wanted in Michigan

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by S-10 Plower, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. S-10 Plower

    S-10 Plower Senior Member
    Messages: 104

    Wanted any sub jobs available in Michigan in the Waterford and surrounding areas. if anyone has anything PM me. Have truck will help with plowing accounts if you need some one.

  2. S-10 Plower

    S-10 Plower Senior Member
    Messages: 104

    opps posted this thread in the wrong catagory. Can't figure out how to move it any help would be great

    thanks mark
  3. tim wright

    tim wright Junior Member
    Messages: 4

    we'll meet with ya

    :cool: hey, we'll be in Flint soon @ La Tina's if you'd like to meet with us . Let us know, we have friends whose friends own it. Tim & Deb