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Sub Available in NJ (Bergen and Morris)

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Lkohan, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Lkohan

    Lkohan Junior Member
    Messages: 25

    I have several accounts in Bergen County as well as in Morris County. I am available for additional work as these places are closed on the weekends and my trucks sit idle until Sunday night on weekend storms. I have 2 pickups both with 7.5 ' plows as well as a 2yd and 2.2 yd salter. If anyone needs any subs and they are in the areas I service I would like the extra work. I also have a skid steer sitting idle as one of my contracts went from contract to time and labor. I'm not leaving my skid steer on site so it is available. You can contact me at larry.kohan@gmail.com.