Stupid Weatherman

Discussion in 'Business Fundamentals' started by Kennedy81, Feb 21, 2008.

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    So the forcast for Tuesday night/Wednesday morning was "Chance of flurries, less than 1" possible, mainly before 3am". It was clear at midnight. I look outside a 3:30am, perfectly clear. Look outside at 6:30am, and there is nearly 4" of snow on the ground, and its still comming down hard. Due to the forcast I didn't even have the blade on one of my trucks. One of my subs' had his truck in the shop and was out of commision. By the time I called everyone out to get started it was 7am; about two hours late. I felt like we were playing catch up all day. The first lot we did had another 1" on it by 10pm, so I had clean up work to do.
    So Whats the moral of the story, don't listen to the weatherman. Twice they've said we were going to be getting 6"+ and we've got none, now they say we aren't going to get anything and when its all said and done we got nearly 6".
    On another note, I picked up a rather large well paying acount today (Thanks Payton)
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    I've had that happen to me a couple of times, so now I keep the plow and salter on overnight. If it doesn't snow, I'll take it off, if it does snow, I'm 1 step ahead of the game.
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    I saw something funny in the newspaper the other day..

    A meterologist had an atricle about how they were always bashed when the forecast was wrong, but never complimented when they got it right..

    A person responded to the article a few days later, and said " Well I would be the first to compliment them if they got a forecast right, but they have yet to get one forecast right this winter! Must be nice to keep a job where you can get by being right only 5% of the time all year."
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    Was it.

    Mike,Don or Kevin?
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    Glad to see my area isn't the only place where the weatherman is alway wrong.:realmad:
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    If they get it right: "Thank you Mr. Weatherman for doing your job and telling me what I need to know to do my job.

    When they get it worong: "Sorry Miss. Customer, but the weather man said it wasn't going to snow last night so I slept in."
    "That's okay Mr. Plowguy. I only expect you to do it right 5% of the time. Here is your pay check."