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This is a really stupid post BUT I can't help it. I finally got to plow tonight (3"-5")!!! (well - there was a small 2" snow on 1/6 - but that was more like rushing to get it done before it melted). Yeah - it finally snowed here in Detroit. By this time last year - we'd already been out 14 times. This year = 2 pushes and one salting. Hope you guys in Ohio got some of this (looked like it). I know it's been bad for snow there too.


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Southwestern Pa.
Yep. Stupid post. I, for one, am getting very tired of reading all these posts about how nobody ever gets to plow any snow.

Personally, I'm viewing this as an opportunity to prepare myself for a more uplifed spiritual existence--renouncing all these material goods like a roof over my head, heat, lights, and food on the table. I'll be moving to the mountains of Tibet and studying Zen...

(Oh, man--can you imagine how much snow they get to plow in Tibet?? I'd be able to buy a whole *fleet* of trucks....) ;)

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Maybe we should trade places, I,ve had 12 billible plow days so far this month, compared to 14 last year, and the forecast is snow sunday monday and tues. No big storms, the biggest Wed. about 8-10 inches, but almost every day we get Flurries of 2-4 inches, I'm starting to get tried of SNOW!


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