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Stupid fast moving trees.

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by Seaway25, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Seaway25

    Seaway25 Senior Member
    Messages: 165

    :realmad: I was in a hurry this morning and backed into a tree in my own yard. I was going around 5 mph, but I hit at an angle on the right corner. The tail light is broken. The top and bottom corner of the box are caved in about 3 inches, and the bumper is folded in. The tailgate looks fine and opens, but the loop on the gate on that side is broken. It allows the gate to fall off that side when it's open. It didn't feel like much but it hit in a bad spot.

    Anyway, I'm trying to decide whether of not to turn it into insurance. I have a $500 deductible, and I'm sure my rate will go up. I figured it it was less than $1000 bucks I would just pay it out of pocket. I would go get an estimate, but the closest shop is a half hour away, and I don't want to take half a day off of work to go.

    I have never had a claim and a clean driving record. Geico for insurance.

    Anyone have a guess what this will cost to fix? I'll get up some pics in a few minutes. Thanks.
  2. Seaway25

    Seaway25 Senior Member
    Messages: 165

    Here's some pics I took with my cell phone earlier




  3. Danscapes

    Danscapes Senior Member
    Messages: 164

    You got some explaining to do Tiger??? :whistling::whistling:

    Looks like you could use a new bumper anyways, so there's your deductible. You need a whole new outer bed side, that another $500 plus painting to match..............I would turn it in if I were you.:drinkup:
  4. Danscapes

    Danscapes Senior Member
    Messages: 164

    Oh and maybe they could paint over that gay Red Sox logo................GO REDS 2010!!!
  5. ahoron

    ahoron Senior Member
    from here
    Messages: 422

    that will buff right out
  6. Triple L

    Triple L PlowSite Fanatic
    from Canada
    Messages: 6,078

    I agree, no worries :laughing:

    I found one of those fast moving tree's myself this year
  7. 2COR517

    2COR517 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,115

    I have found several fast moving trees. I had my Polycaster about a week, backed into a tree, nice little dent in the spinner assy. Still works fine.

    Had one jump out in front of me a couple of weeks ago. The mighty Fisher XtremeV took the hit like a champ, saved my truck.
  8. Seaway25

    Seaway25 Senior Member
    Messages: 165

    That's kind of what I was thinking. It's amazing how much damage you can do at 5 mph. This will be the first time I have ever made an accident claim. That's what I get for rushing I guess.:rolleyes:
  9. Seaway25

    Seaway25 Senior Member
    Messages: 165

    Everyone where I work are Yankees fans, and they kept saying it was too bad I didn't hit on the logo.
  10. ABES

    ABES PlowSite.com Addict
    from MN
    Messages: 1,322

    If you have the money I would pay for it out of pocket. The insurance company will get there money back in a short time with premium increases if you turn it in. JMO
  11. 2COR517

    2COR517 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,115

    Call your agent and e-mail some pics. He can probably tell you what the repair will cost, and how much your premium will increase. They might not even pay for the bumper where it is so rusted.
  12. Seaway25

    Seaway25 Senior Member
    Messages: 165

    That's why I'm trying to figure out a ballpark price for the repairs. If it's going to be less than $1000 bucks I'll save up some money and get it fixed in the spring. I won't be able to come up with any extra money until then. If it looks like it's going to be much more than that, around $1200- $1500 I will probably claim it. If it's anywhere close to $2000 or more I will definately claim it.
  13. Seaway25

    Seaway25 Senior Member
    Messages: 165

    The rust isn't as bad as it looks. It's just a little on the surface. It will scrub right off. Unfortunately I didn't go through an agent so I have no personal relationship. I just got it directly from Geico online.
  14. FordFisherman

    FordFisherman PlowSite.com Addict
    from 06611
    Messages: 1,613

    You should file a police report in the AM. That guy who hit your truck in the parking lot and took off is long gone. Damn people these days. I hope they catch the guy.:drinkup:
  15. Evanbrendel

    Evanbrendel Senior Member
    Messages: 181

    aren't bumpers supposed to be 5mph or less they wont bend or is that something different?
  16. rondoo98

    rondoo98 Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    i had less damige than that to my s-10 and it was almost 1,400 and that was the lowes bid out of 3 places ? but that was from geting rear ended on the rotory :dizzy:

    NICHOLS LANDSCA PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 4,362

    Box Side-$400
    Tail light-$80
    All Aftermarket parts. The labor/paint is what will kill you I bet you are looking at $2,500-$3,000.
  18. Seaway25

    Seaway25 Senior Member
    Messages: 165

    I've seen the ******* that hit me before. I'm thinking about going after him with my chainsaw.
  19. mayhem

    mayhem PlowSite.com Addict
    from Peru MA
    Messages: 1,016

    This was no accident.

    You should expect this to happen regulatly if you live in New York and dare to put a Boston logo on your truck.
  20. Seaway25

    Seaway25 Senior Member
    Messages: 165

    I just filed a claim. Now the fun begins.