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Studs in skidsteer tires


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Bethany CT
I bought new tires
for the skidsteer anyone ever put studs in the tires for increased traction or just leave them alone. They should be far better than r4 pattern we have been using for years


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The Liquor Store
Those will be a lot better than R4’s.....if you can stud them, it would really be impressive. We could never do that because of the damage studs cause on concrete & asphalt. There was one season we studded a CTL, and it stayed on 1 account. While it was insane the difference it made, the studs were 3/4 shot, or gone, after about 3-4 events....and they scratched the **** out of our old shop floor the 1 time it drove in there.


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I agree with everything our resident alcoholic said above. Those tires will be light years ahead of what you had before when it comes to traction. The fact that they're taller, narrower, have deeper tread, and sharp, square edges will help a lot. I always grooved my tires before winter (before I got dedicated snow tires) and would suggest you think about doing the same next year after the tires are rounded over a bit.