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stuck bolt e60 valve body

Discussion in 'Meyer / Diamond Products Discussion' started by MACDADDY0401, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. MACDADDY0401

    MACDADDY0401 Junior Member
    from indiana
    Messages: 25

    got a small problem- im changing out my e-60 pump base- so all went well untill i got to the valve body- got 3 of the bolts out fine- the 4th is locked,,,bad !! i've busted my alan wrench sockets-rounded it out a tic. i have sprayed penatrating oil on it for a couple days- still froze-
    i actually got maybe a little lucky- while trying to break the last one free- the whole valve body started turning- not the bolt- so it ends up that i spun the valve body off with the bolt still froze up in there -so now how do i get this bolt out so i can reattach this to my new pump base?-
    (oh- i did try just spinning this on to my new base,but the body gets tight,un-moveable before its correct possition-just my luck.)
    only got about 1/2 of threaded sticking thru,so i cant do the ole double nut trick and try to loosen it that way.
    can i put any heat on this thing ?? is that wise ??
    or should i take it to a machine shop and have them drill the bolt out and replace ?
  2. bnewell

    bnewell Banned
    from Ohio
    Messages: 91

    No Heat!!

    Hey Ron, I would be very careful with the PA block as they are not available from Meyer by themselves. You can only purchase them with the valves and coils and it is a very $$$$ item. I think the list price is pushing $650.00.

    I am afraid that you could damage/warp the block with heat plus the fact there are rubber o-rings in it.

    I like the machine shop idea better!!! Or keep trying the penetrating oil for a few more days.


    p.s. thanks for the gloves and product brochure!!!!
  3. Robhollar

    Robhollar Senior Member
    Messages: 766

    Drill the head of the bolt off. The head itself is usually what welds itself to the block.....Rob
  4. MACDADDY0401

    MACDADDY0401 Junior Member
    from indiana
    Messages: 25

    thanks for the feedback fellows, i was this '' close to grabing a propane torch. well i think ill try another couple days of the oil- then mid week head to a machine shop.
    glad you got the gloves Brian!! thanks again for the help and advice !!!!
  5. Whip

    Whip Member
    Messages: 87

    Put a nut on the exposed threads of the bolt and tap it loose. The bolts usually only corrode inside the hole and once you break that loose, you can usually get the rest of the bolt out with a punch or it may drop out.
  6. SkykingHD

    SkykingHD Senior Member
    Messages: 368

    bolt frozen

    I had the same problem. I drilled the heads off the socket head cap screws. Then I just pulled the valve body off the pump base. I agree with Rob.

  7. MACDADDY0401

    MACDADDY0401 Junior Member
    from indiana
    Messages: 25

    got it done- drilled out the bolt head and the rascal came right out !!
    i put a new bolt in and im back in buisness-
    i'll hook up the blade tonight and make sure all is working .

    thanks guys !!!!
  8. MACDADDY0401

    MACDADDY0401 Junior Member
    from indiana
    Messages: 25

    plow falls fast

    ok- hope you guys can help (again) esp. you Brian-
    i got the swap all done on my sump base - i hooked up my plow and it lifts /angles all ok - no leaks - but -
    when i drop it, it falls straight down like a TON OF BRICKS - EARTH SHATTERING !!!
    so is it the pressure relief valve ??
    when i swaped the stuff around the , i counted the turns to unscrew the 'big screw' pressure relief valve 7 turns - so when putting the spring/ball and 'big screw' on my new base, i did 7 turns (and it was getting really tight) i dont remember it being that tight when i took it off my other.
    so could you guys please give me an idea of what i need to try...
    thanks !!!!!!!
  9. bnewell

    bnewell Banned
    from Ohio
    Messages: 91

    Ron ~ just tried calling you @ home.............left you a message anyway. Turn to page #33 in the service manual that I sent and it will walk you through on adjusting the speed of the plow drop.