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I tried the search and didn't quite find what I wanted. The question is what colors can and cannot be used.I have Bobcat 773, it is used for snow removal along w/ as everything else. I do have a mag mount stobe light that runs an 2-D cell batteries I got a year ago at John Deere for $40 but found them in Galls for $13.99 for 6 or more. I'am up for any ideas, a mini rotating bar for $99.99 or Hide-aways, I haven't decided on anything. Mainly need to know about the colors of lights are we limited to amber ot not.
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Far as I know, amber it is for the US and parts of Canada.

We get to be different in Ontario - blue is the recognized snowplow light colour here! Only place I've ever seen that, most places blue signifies police....................


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The laws vary from place to place but most often you are restricted to amber on public highways. I have read studies done on this subject and amber is also the most effective color for slowing traffic down. You may notice that emergency vehicles now display amber flashers to the rear for this purpose. Blue is next effective and I've seen this used on yard switchers run on private property. Check with your local police to find out for sure.
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Typically speaking here in NYS Red is for emergency vehicles, Blue is for Volunteer Firefighters (not to exceed 32 candle power ~ ie. a lighter -LOL!!!), Green is for EMS, and Amber is for slow moving vehicles - Wreckers, Postal Carriers, Snow Plowers, etc.

Some other areas of the country use Blue for Police others use a mixture of Red/Blue for Police and Red seems to remain fairly constant for Fire Apparatus.


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Remember I'm from Jersey, so it's always confusing
Red- Police/Fire/Ems
Blue-Fire/Ems POV(Personaly Owned Vehicle)
Blue on Police Cars-Although it's done, supposed to be illegal
Clear-Fire/Police/Ems only, not to be used in line of site.
Green- Command Post

I'm not some ligt geek, Used to be a firefighter.
I Use a new 2 light minibar from northern, paid $99.00, brighter then my old Halogen Strobe blue light, amber cover. I am now checking to see if I need a permit because someone recently told me I do, although I am not sure.
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:D Guys, all the replies are great, thanks for the info. I was going to also talk to the local DPS(dept. of public safety) or the DOT (dept. of transportation).

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We use strobes when ever we are plowing. If we are doing the end of a drive, our stobes are on. If we had blue strobes we would be running into problems, for the start of a drive is public property. The first 15' of the side if the road, belongs to the town in maine.


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Also the public tends to note amber lights and then just file it away. If you have red or blue lights I would worry about distracting a driver and causing an accident, they might be rubber-necking thinking they might be seeing some officers in action. Never know what a lawyer will try to pin on you as far as a liability claim.



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Definitely Amber in NJ, we use them on the roads we plow as well as the lots and drives, makes you real visible. We hard wire our strobes through a fusable link and a heavy duty toggle switch right into the fuse box, 20-30A link. Never a problem.


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i agree that strobes are a definite neccesity esp. when near roads/public, u can use any color u wish and as many as u wish on private property. now on public property here in delaware blue is designated for fire police and fire chiefs (and other high ranking fire officials), green is for a command post at an emergancy scene, also i believe for funeral vehicls, or that might be purple, red and anything mixed with red is emergancy apparatus, amber is for everything else.


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Thanks for the replies, I we proably stick w/ the amber strobes I have and maybe add a clear one. I use the magnet mounts so I can remove them without damage to the lights before trees do it for me.If you get a chance check out the lite I am talkin about a Galls it is ran by 2- D cell batteries and has a 90fpm rating they work good for trailers or other equipment along a road because you can move them. I do also have a perm. mount strobe on one work truck.